Why I started Color-It Simple

One day I got an email from my mother-in-law with a link to adult coloring books. She said, “Look! This is what you used to do. You could have published these yourself!” It’s true I used to doodle so much I’d fill a page with my own “artwork.” However, all of these doodles ended up in the recycle bin – never to be seen again. I look back now and remember all those images, and realize my mother-in-law was right. Yes, this is something I can do! So, I tried a few pages and it just felt right.

So, here we are. I launched my first book at the beginning of this week and am working on my second. I really hope you like the wide variety of designs. I have tried to accommodate many different themes and styles, because I want even more people to enjoy coloring. I want it to be easy, and I want it to be fun. Please enjoy!

Libby D. Baker


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