Color-It Simple 3 is now published!

What’s fun about creating these books is imagining all the different colors and styles being added to the pictures in my books.  I have left many of them simple, so people can add their own designs to some of the pages. So, I feel like everyone can go at their own pace and choose as much or as little  complexity as they want. This can vary from day to day or from one color sitting to the next.

I appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement. Thank you to everyone for helping make this possible!

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A Child’s Page

Here is a page colored by an eight-year-old child. This image is from Color-It Simple Book 1 Image 10. Thank you for passing on your creative coloring!



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Another free page!

Check out the Free Pages tab for an extra coloring page! I will be adding more gradually – have to keep working on the Color-It Simple book series as well!

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Amazon Giveaway

I just established an Amazon Giveaway contest to win 10 free Color-It Simple books.

I think they’ve already been claimed.

Within the next week, I will establish another contest.

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Donation of Coloring Packages to Seattle Children’s Hospital

#1 #2 #3Recently, my daughters and I went to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and donated 30 coloring care packages. In each package we included a Color-It Simple book (1 or 2) in a zippered bag, with crayola pencils and sharpeners. I have included photos of the care packages. They were received well and we are planning on creating more. This is an exciting opportunity to help children, to give them a creative outlet to enjoy, as well as help them pass time more quickly.

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Send your coloring pages!

I would love to see coloring by you – whether by my books or the free pages provided to you on my website.

Please send in pdf or jpg format to

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Why I started Color-It Simple

One day I got an email from my mother-in-law with a link to adult coloring books. She said, “Look! This is what you used to do. You could have published these yourself!” It’s true I used to doodle so much I’d fill a page with my own “artwork.” However, all of these doodles ended up in the recycle bin – never to be seen again. I look back now and remember all those images, and realize my mother-in-law was right. Yes, this is something I can do! So, I tried a few pages and it just felt right.

So, here we are. I launched my first book at the beginning of this week and am working on my second. I really hope you like the wide variety of designs. I have tried to accommodate many different themes and styles, because I want even more people to enjoy coloring. I want it to be easy, and I want it to be fun. Please enjoy!

Libby D. Baker


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Color-It Simple Published!

Color-It Simple has been published and is available for purchase

Authored by Libby D. Baker

Libby states,  “I have really enjoyed creating it and I hope that you enjoy coloring it.”

Many of these pages are possible to complete in one sitting. You can even add your own designs onto some of the pages.

This book is great for adults and children alike.

Coming Soon :  Color-It Simple 2

Please enjoy these free coloring pages



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